Multifamily & Condominium Repipe Process by SageWater

The One Call Repipe Process

Understanding how SageWater's pipe replacement process works

SageWater organizes the One Call Repipe process into several key stages:


Project Evaluation01 - repipe project evaluation 1

Project evaluation frequently consists of a site visit and client meeting to gain an understanding of the scope of work and site conditions. We also collect floor plans, site maps, and other key details while visiting as many representative units as possible.

Scope of Work Development and Proposal

02 - repipe scope of work 4Our senior re-pipe estimating team prepares a detailed pipe replacement proposal including cost estimates and a project budget, a schedule/sequencing of work, and other information necessary for you to evaluate project feasibility. We aim to minimize our time in each unit as well as system downtime. If you have engaged a third-party engineer, architect, or construction manager, SageWater will work as a partner to refine a final scope
 of work that is value engineered, ensuring you receive the best possible result.

Project Kickoff

03 - repipe project kickoff 2Once the contract is approved, SageWater will acquire the necessary permits, schedule preconstruction meetings with the building staff, property managers and other stakeholders, conduct resident town hall meetings to provide information and updates about the pipe replacement process (if desired), and work with building management to finalize the resident communications package.

Before we ever enter a unit, we provide color-coded work impact diagrams that we distribute in advance of the renovation so that residents know where we will be working. In addition, each project is staffed with a full-time onsite project manager who is available to answer questions and is in daily contact with the
community’s staff.



Site Preparations and Protection04 - repipe site preparations and protection 4

Every One Call Repipe renovation begins with extensive site preparations, including setup and installation of a dust mitigation system. While we ask residents to move their own personal possessions such as artwork, electronics and smaller home decorations, our crews will move furniture that must be temporarily relocated to access the walls that contain the pipes that must be replaced—after performing hundreds of projects, we have found this to be the best balance of responsibilities between our staff and the residents.

We are always careful to treat residents’ belongings as we would care for our
own finest possessions. When we have finished work for the day, we remove
debris and clean each unit daily to maintain a neat and tidy work site. Most
importantly, we guarantee the unit will be operational at the end of each day.

Pipe Extraction05 - repipe pipe extraction 2

SageWater crews operate as an integrated team resulting in the least invasive, most efficient process possible. Once each unit is prepared, our teams access the wall cavities by making precise drywall and tile cuts within the work areas. If required, asbestos remediation is performed at this stage. Our plumbing crews remove the old pipes to make way for the new piping system to be installed.

New Pipe Installation06 - repipe new pipe installation 3

Our re
pipe specialists then proceed with installation of the new plumbing system. No matter the size or complexity of your renovation, our One Call Repipe guarantee ensures that your building’s plumbing system will be operational at the end of each day and residents never have to move out during the process.

Wall Restoration and Finishes

07 - repipe wall restoration and finishing 2Following each day’s city or county plumbing inspections, we begin the process of putting each unit back to its previous finished condition. Our drywall craftsmen seamlessly patch and match the affected areas using state-of-the-art techniques for the truest paint matching and surface restoration. Our paint matching techniques include collecting paint samples from affected surfaces and computer matching each sample. In addition, our team of expert craftsmen will reset vanities, complete tile patching, and perform any required carpentry or trim work to bring each unit back to its original condition prior to construction.

Walk Through and Sign-Off

08 - Repipe Final Clean Up 3Once the renovations are complete, our on-site project manager, along with a client representative, inspects each unit to ensure that work was completed correctly and to identify items (if any) that need additional attention. Any remaining work will be scheduled and repaired promptly, often the same day as the inspection.