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SageWater is the East Coast’s pipe replacement specialist.

SageWater is the leading contractor for pipe replacement in occupied multifamily and commercial properties.  Our expertise includes repiping age related piping failures in closed-loop hydronic HVAC piping systems and hot and cold water supply piping systems, as well as defective piping products such as failing polybutylene plumbing.

Our proven track record across Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia means you can rest assured that your repiping project will be completed on time and within budget.  We have extensive experience navigating local insurance and financing needs, and our turnkey solution ensures you get the best price possible.  Our custom communications package means owners and residents know how they will be impacted at every step of the process.  Read on to learn more about how SageWater is rendering the mid-Atlantic’s pipe problems solved.

Local Issues

Closed-loop HVAC systems in the mid-Atlantic take a beating.  With cold winters and hot summers, there is a lot of switching from heating to cooling and back again, and the extreme temperature changes that come with the seasons wreak havoc on hydronic piping systems.  As these systems age, the pipe insulation designed to prevent condensation deteriorates allowing ambient air to come into contact with the exterior of the pipes. This results in condensation forming on the pipe that is trapped behind the insulation, greatly accelerating the corrosion of the exterior of the pipes. Constant moisture on the outside of the pipe wall accelerates deterioration of the insulation, exacerbating the situation.  Buildings built prior to 1985 that utilize two and four pipe closed loop heating and cooling systems, typical in the Mid Atlantic as well as other areas of the country, are experiencing an epidemic of pipe system failures.

Across the mid-Atlantic, we have seen this issue in all property types, ranging from garden style condominiums to high-rise apartments to commercial properties of all shapes and sizes.  The good news is that a SageWater hydronic repipe not only solves the problem of leaking pipes, but significantly improves the efficiency of these systems, particularly when paired with fan coil unit (FCU) replacement, making a hydronic repipe an energy efficient solution.

Common Pipe Problems across the Mid-Atlantic

The SageWater One Call Repipe Process

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