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Design-Build Services

For Apartment Building Owners and Condominium Boards

Design-Build Services

For Apartment Building Owners and Condominium Boards

When you need to replace or upgrade a plumbing or mechanical system in your community, complete your project faster and save money by choosing a design-build delivery model.

With our design-build services, SageWater is your single, turnkey contractor—providing engineering, project management, and comprehensive construction renovation services.

Compared with traditional construction delivery models, design-build projects are frequently completed faster and at lower cost—frequently 20%+ lower.
How a traditional delivery model compares with the design-build model.
Source: SageWater

What You Get with a SageWater Design-Build Project

Solution-based design certified by licensed engineers, delivered with permitted, ready-to-build plans.

Turnkey construction, all delivered by SageWater tradespeople.

Dedicated project managers and crews working collaboratively to drive efficiency in scheduling, communication, and construction.

No moving out: at the end of each day, we clean away dust and debris and guarantee running water.

Resident-centric communications that ensure everyone in your community knows what to expect.

What Makes SageWater Design-Build Services Different?

Accurate project scope Engineers, architects, and construction managers don’t perform repipes every day. But we do! This means we are on top of industry best practices. We avoid “over-engineering” your project and instead focus on value-engineering, delivering an appropriate scope and saving you money.

Lower project cost The biggest cost drivers in a repipe project are the unknown conditions behind your walls, ceilings, and floors. We leverage decades of expertise to deliver an accurate project estimate with near-zero change orders, keeping your costs low.

Accelerated timeline One provider means you’ll start–and finish–your project sooner. In a traditional model, it can take a year or more to select a construction manager, hire an engineer, review the design, put the construction project out to bid, compare RFP responses, interview top candidates, and execute a contract.

Single point of accountability Your solution is our responsibility, since we designed it. You won’t have to deal with the differences of opinion that can occur between a contractor and an engineer. If we find anything that requires your attention, we bring it directly to you—along with the proposed solution.

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Is SageWater Design-Build Right for Your Community?

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See a client success story about how the owner of a 229-unit apartment community worked with us on a design-build project to upgrade their HVAC infrastructure.

Value-Engineering Example

A side-by-side comparison of two very similar clevis hangers, one with a cost of $90.85 and one with a cost of $4.74.Source: Grainger

Specialized industry knowledge allows SageWater to value-engineer your project, creating cost efficiencies and saving you money. One method is by purchasing lower-cost but equivalent supplies, like shown in the image above.