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Benefits of a One Call Repipe

Multifamily Repipe Benefits

Benefits of a One Call Repipe

Best In Class Communications

Resident communications are very thorough and are critical to the success of any project. We provide a series of notices and memos describing the work, resident responsibilities (such as moving personal items) and scheduling. SageWater will assign an experienced full-time superintendent to manage your multifamily repipe project and to act as resident liaison. This ensures that the project will run smoothly with minimal disturbance to residents, and the superintendent will be readily available to answer questions and assist residents in preparation for the work in their homes.

Proven Track Record

With the experience of installing over 85,000 complete piping systems, our team provides a depth and breadth of experience that is simply unmatched in the industry. Our management team has an average tenure of more than 15 years ensuring that legacy of knowledge, best practices, and proven success is brought to each and every repipe project we undertake.

Exclusive Warranties

As a result of our extensive experience in occupied-unit repipes, some of our suppliers (including BOW and Uponor) have granted us exclusive warranties. For further details, please reference the special warranties which are available for your review upon request.

Minimal Disruption

Water supply is guaranteed to always be available nights and weekends because we complete the plumbing portion of the work in one day. This benefits all residents, whether the building is a condo or an apartment. No one has to move out and no additional costs are incurred for temporary relocation. Likewise, our crews are thoroughly trained to isolate their work areas and contain dust. At the end of each day, they clean up after themselves and leave the unit in a neat, livable state. In most cases, individual units are habitable even during the day when our workers are in the unit, should homeowners need to remain at home during construction.

On Time Delivery

For supply piping systems, the work in each unit will be complete in three to five days—Day One is plumbing, and the drywall/paint restoration process begins on Day Two (plumbing inspection permitting). Most units are completed in three to four days in total, with a five-day guarantee for substantial completion. With integrated crews there is no downtime between activities (plumbing to drywall repairs to painting) and our schedules run like clockwork. Many property managers are surprised with how accurately we can project our work schedules. In fact, before we even start a job, we can precisely pinpoint what units we will be working in on any given day of the project.

Greater Efficiency

Contractors with little repipe experience subcontracting out to plumbers may cut twice the amount of drywall and tile just trying to locate the routing of pipes for replacement. This results in significantly more drywall related work and more time spent restoring finished surfaces back to their original state. As a consequence, the project costs more time and money.

SageWater only uses in-house teams, so plumbers aren’t causing extra destruction because the same team has to make the repairs. The quality of our work benefits from having experts specialize in their trades (plumbers plumb and drywallers drywall) ensuring an excellent finished product and efficiency in production resulting from trade specialization. However, its equally important that our crews operate as one integrated team. Our Project Managers ensure constant team communication and every team member works hard to minimize the work of the next team member. In this way, we optimize across trades to take the big picture towards optimization.

Because our teams of specialists are in house we are have complete control over scheduling. As a result there are no scheduling gaps between phases of work. The walls finishers begin immediately after the plumbers are finished and the painting follows immediately after the wall repairs are complete. In addition, there aren’t gaps between phases or work, resulting in a much quicker turnaround.

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