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Construction Defect Class Action Support

Construction Plumbing Defect Expertise

Drawing on our experience as a certified class action contractor in both the national polybutylene settlement and most recently the Kitec plumbing lawsuit settlement in Las Vegas, we offer expert advice on defective pipe cost recovery and other defect claims. Our services include consultation on the scope of work for a construction repair or replacement project, accurate pricing estimates, and administration of repair programs.

Our expertise has been acknowledged by both sides of the litigation process and we are accustomed to being a resource for litigating parties and class administrators both pre and post settlement in plumbing class action lawsuits.  Our resume includes:

Cox, et al. v. Shell Oil, et al. Construction Defect Repairs – Polybutylene Pipe Replacement
SageWater worked extensively with the Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center on a national basis to help address polybutylene pipe replacement needs under this settlement.

Quinterro, et al. v. IPEX, Inc., et al. – Advisory Support and Construction Defect Repairs – Defective Plumbing
SageWater helped the plaintiffs and settling parties develop the pricing model and scope of work used in the final settlement.  Pre settlement with IPEX, SageWater met with the plaintiffs and many of the affected builders in an effort to provide information necessary to develop a reasonable repair method and pricing methodology for the future settlement.  SageWater performed a pilot program for the Richmond Subclass A settlement that helped lead to the final draft of the scope currently being used in the IPEX settlement.  We were deposed by Ipex and related parties in this case.  SageWater was a court approved repair contractor for the IPEX settlement in Clark County Nevada.

Cox v. Zurn Pex, Inc.  Expert Testimony – Defective Plumbing
SageWater provided expert testimony to the litigating parties regarding the development of a pricing model and repair methodology for the repipe of homes containing allegedly defective plumbing.  We provided affidavits and were deposed by the parties to that end.

Paul Heilman, et al. v. Perfection Corporation Manufacturing Defect Repairs – Water Heater Dip Tubes
This was a class action against Perfection Corporation for the repair of defective dip tubes in water heaters.  SageWater helped develop the pricing model and scope of work for the repair protocol and subsequently worked with multifamily and single family property owners nationally to repair over 85,000 units.

Hokua at 1288 Ala Moana Construction Defect Repairs – Yellow Brass Fittings
SageWater performed a One Call Repipe for the Hokua, a luxury condominium built in 2006 that had defective yellow brass fittings that caused catastrophic leaks. Our services included project evaluation/design, a complete resident communications program (including a project-specific website), and performance of all construction, including plumbing, drywall, paint, cabinetry work and tile repair.

Ko’olani Construction Defect Repairs – Yellow Brass Fittings
Over the course of this extensive eight-month renovation, SageWater completed all the construction defect repairs related to dezincified yellow brass fittings on the building’s PEX supply piping system.  This included pipe replacement, drywall and paint renovation in 370 units across 48 stories.

International Properties et al. v. Central Appraisal District of Taylor County Construction Defect Repairs – Polybutylene Pipe Replacement
SageWater was the expert for Taylor County Texas, testifying as to the scope of work required and providing cost estimates associated with repiping a multifamily complex containing defective polybutylene piping.  The property owner had claimed that the cost of repair was many times higher than was actually required and was asking for a significant reduction in the tax assessment as a result.   Taylor County won their case based on our testimony, and SageWater later was hired by the property owner to repipe the property.

Imperial Plaza Construction Defect Repairs – Fire and Smoke Barriers
Although SageWater’s specialty is piping replacement in occupied buildings, we really specialize in completing complex construction projects in occupied buildings. That is why the AOAO’s engineering firm, ABB, recommended SageWater for this critical construction defect renovation project, which included replacing the building’s exterior curtain-wall fire and smoke stop insulation.  In this case, critical fire & smoke barriers (special caulks and insulation) were missing or inadequate across the property. To fix the problem, walls were opened in every unit, insulation was replaced, and drywall, paint and tile were restored.

Ocean Pointe Class Action Settlement and Construction Repairs – Hurricane Strapping
This ongoing project resulted from a settlement to repair hurricane straps in the Ocean Pointe community in Hawaii per the class action cases Charles v. Haseko Homes, No. 09-1-1932-08 (RAN) and Alvarez v. Haseko Homes, Inc., No. 09-1-2691-11 (RAN).  For more information on this project, please visit our Ocean Pointe Class Action page.