Multifamily Washer & Dryer Retrofitting by SageWater

Multifamily Washer/Dryer Retrofitting

Multifamily Washer/Dryer Retrofitting

SageWater works with apartment owners and condominium boards to bring in-unit washers and dryers to multifamily properties.

In-unit laundry is one of the top features that renters and condo buyers look for. If your properties have central laundry facilities—or none at all—the task of retrofitting a building to serve individual units can seem daunting, but it can be one of the best investments you make.

For example, apartment owners not only improve the quality of life for their residents, they can also experience ROI almost immediately through higher rent, longer tenant retention, and fewer vacancies. Condo owners also enjoy greater convenience and, because buyers value the feature so highly, owners may shorten sales cycles and increase sales prices.

What are the top design considerations—and project cost-drivers?

As you explore the potential benefits of a washer/dryer retrofit, you’ll also want to consider the physical feasibility of the project. The following top design considerations will affect the effort and cost required for your project.

  • Placement. Is there space for the in-unity laundry, including access to remove lint and perform maintenance? Will you need carpentry services to build a closet? Is there easy access to the electrical supply, hot and cold water supply, and drain pipes?
  • Electrical capacity. You may need to upgrade or perform an electrical “heavy-up” to safely power the new appliances and install 240-volt, 30-amp plugs.
  • Plumbing stack capacity (including your waste stack). Can your existing plumbing infrastructure safely co-exist with the new piping you’ll need? Will you need to add new water supply and waste stacks?
  • Code-compliant ventilation. Unless you select ventless dryers, you’ll need a way to vent dryer air. In some buildings, you may also need to consider how to supply what’s called “make-up air”, which compensates for air that can be pulled out of the building during dryer venting.

Why contact SageWater for your in-unit washer/dryer retrofit?

Many apartment owners and condominium boards might turn to a general contractor for an in-unit laundry retrofit. At SageWater, we’re often able to deliver the project in less time and at lower cost.

That’s in large part due to our signature turnkey services. As the nation’s leading provider of Simply Smarter Pipe Replacement, we already employ many of the experts from multiple professions and trades that are required for a washer/dryer retrofit project. This includes engineers for designing the solution, onsite project managers for ensuring the project runs on time and on budget, and tradespeople like plumbers, carpenters, drywallers, painters, and those with other finishing skills.

By employing so many of the project staff, SageWater reduces the amount of time required to source subcontractors and delivers against a seamless project schedule.

Contact us today for a free consultation about whether an in-unit laundry retrofit might be a good option for your community and how we can help.

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You’ll need adequate space to locate in-unit laundry and perform maintenance.
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