Utility Billing for Mutifamily Homes and Apartments by SageWater

Multifamily Water & Sewer Billing Services

SageWater’s affordable Read, Bill, and Collect (RBC) programs deliver virtually error-free monitoring and resident utility billing services. We provide property managers and residents with the finest support, service, and security in the industry. In fact, our client satisfaction is so high that we don’t require long-term contracts—we know you’ll stick with us.

Two Popular Systems

  • Individual Metering uses submeters in each unit. This multifamily water and sewer submetering / billing system uses Wireless state-of-the-art radio technology to remotely monitor each submeter, precisely measuring the amount of water used and ensuring residents are billed for actual usage only.
  • Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) estimates resident usage without meters. It is commonly used where the plumbing configuration does not allow easy submeter installation. This system—an option in all but four states—uses standard factors such as unit size, number of occupants, and the number of bedrooms.

utility-billThe Benefits of SageWater’s Utility Management System
With either system, individual bills can be calculated and mailed to each resident, and late notices can be sent to those who are delinquent. As a convenience, SageWater offers residents internet account management and a variety of payment options.

SageWater’s service doesn’t end there. We provide detailed management reports that cover water usage, resident account status, delinquency, and other useful information. These reports are posted to your secure master account page on our website, accessible 24/7, or mailed to you—your choice. Either way, you can quickly analyze utility usage and identify residents who are delinquent with their payments.

Our Customer Service staff is available 9am–5pm, Monday through Friday, to answer questions from you or your residents.