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SageWater is the West Coast’s Leading Pipe Replacement Contractor.

SageWater is the West Coast’s leading contractor for pipe replacement in occupied apartments and condominiums. Our expertise includes replacing copper supply piping systems, as well as Drain, Waste and Vent and Closed-Loop Hydronic HVAC piping systems.

Our proven track record out West means you can rest assured that your repiping project will be completed on time and within budget. We have extensive experience navigating local insurance and financing needs, and our turnkey solution ensures you get the best price possible. Our custom communications package means owners and residents know how they will be impacted at every step of the process. Read on to learn more about how SageWater is rendering California’s pipe problems solved.

Local Issues

Across Southern California, leaking copper piping is the main issue facing many properties.  Given the restrictions against using various plastic pipes until 2010, most properties in California have copper piping.  Unfortunately, all copper piping is not created equal, and many of these properties were built with thinner, lower grade copper pipes that have quickly corroded under California’s harsh water conditions causing these piping systems to leak.

The good news is that with recent regulatory changes allowing leading plastic products like PEX and CPVC to be used in place of copper, there are great corrosion resistant pipe products ideal for Southern California water conditions. SageWater is proud to offer exclusive, manufacturer backed warranties on several of the products, making a SageWater repipe the best choice for many Southern California properties.

Further up the coast in the Pacific Northwest, corroded galvanized steel supply piping is the bigger issue, along with widespread use of now-failing polybutylene piping.  In addition to these supply issues, the Pacific Northwest is also plagued with failing Drain, Waste and Vent systems.  In fact, numerous properties from Seattle to Portland are choosing to replace both their supply and DWV systems simultaneously.

Common Pipe Problems Along The West Coast

The SageWater One Call Repipe Process

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    Featured Projects

    • Milano

      Torrance / California

      Corroded Galvanized Piping

      SageWater replaced the corroded galvanized steel pipes at this 166-unit complex in Southern California. After continued pipe failures and patch jobs, SageWater...

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      Copper and Galvi Piping , Supply Piping
    • Del Prado

      Laguna Niguel / California

      Copper Supply Repipe

      The Del Prado community was experiencing an increase in the number of plumbing leaks with a significant impact on the homeowners. SageWater...

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      Copper and Galvi Piping , Supply Piping
    • The Mark on 4th

      Everett / Washington

      Potable Polybutylene Supply Repipe

      The Mark on 4th suffered from defective polybutylene piping. After the two-month renovation which SageWater completed on time and under budget,...

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      Polybutylene - Interior Supply , Supply Piping
    • Station Nine Apartments

      Lynwood / Washington

      Domestic Water Repipe

      With frequent and, destructive leaks wreaking havoc across this community; the property management called in SageWater to assess options for replacing the...

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      Polybutylene - Interior Supply , Supply Piping
    • Park at Dash Point

      Federal Way / Washington

      Failing Polybutylene Piping

      This property was one of many suffering from a failing polybutylene piping system. The management called in SageWater to provide our One...

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      Polybutylene - Interior Supply , Supply Piping
    • Sequoia Glen

      San Jose / California

      Aged Galvanized-Steel Piping

      This galvanized steel to CPVC conversion was done out of pure necessity. With leaking pipes causing significant disruption to residents, SageWater has...

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      Copper and Galvi Piping , Supply Piping