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Boiler to Water Heater Conversions

Boiler Conversion Made Easy

Boiler-Fed Properties
If your domestic water boiler or water distribution piping is failing, you have a choice: endless repair calls or a SageWater solution. We can upgrade your property to a unitary system, complete with new piping, individual water heaters, and submeters. This configuration lets you hold residents accountable for water usage and virtually eliminates your utility expenses (including your cost to heat water).

Self-Funding Renovations with Up to 179% ROI
SageWater’s self-funding solution can turn a liability into a profit center, converting plumbing repair expenses into a great investment. If your system is old, the combination of savings and increased revenue from boiler conversion can up your ROI to 179%.

How?  Much of that return is gained by putting the cost of heating and using water on the residents through sub-metering. This in turn lowers their consumption by on average 30% as well as relieving the owner/property manager of the utility costs. In addition resident satisfaction increases because they no longer have plumbing problems and only pay for the cost of the water and heat that they actually use rather than covering everyone else pro-rata.  One SageWater client reports that after pipe replacement put an end to leaks, lease renewals increased 60%—even with a 10% rent increase.

Turnkey and Hassle-Free

boiler-convertSageWater’s One Call Repipe boiler conversion is a turnkey process designed for occupied units. We install everything—water heaters, submeters, new piping, and more—and take care of all drywall and painting repair. From start to finish, each unit takes only a few days to complete, with little disruption to tenants.

Call SageWater before you spend another penny repairing your system. We’ll show you how a boiler conversion will pay for itself.

Don’t Want to Convert?
You can keep central boilers and still enjoy the benefits of resident accountability. SageWater can simply configure the new piping system to accommodate submetering.  With resident accountability, your renovation will be paid for in just a few years.