Water Submetering System in Mutifamily Homes & Apartments | SageWater

Sewer & Water Submetering for Multifamily Properties

SageWater’s multifamily sewer & water submetering system can make residents fully accountable for their water usage and virtually eliminate your water utility costs. Our fully automated tenant submetering system increases cash flow and quickly pays for itself—in 10 months or fewer for properties with 100 or more units.

sub meterWater Submetering: Conserve Water and Increase Cash Flow
SageWater submeters can increase property value and decrease residents’ water consumption by as much as 40%. At a typical 200-unit property, making residents accountable for water use through submetering adds about $68,000 to bottom-line profits and protects you from utility rate hikes.

Plus, we take care of everything from installing the submeters to setting up a resident billing system. Our turnkey solutions use the leading brands of automatic meter reading technology and integrate seamlessly with all major Read-Bill-Collect services.

Certified Installation
SageWater gives you the peace of mind that comes from working with professional teams that have installed thousands of submeters. Because we’re a national company, you won’t need to track down local installation vendors for each property in your geographically diverse portfolio.

Error-Free Billing Service
SageWater can provide virtually error-free utility meter monitoring and resident billing services or can help you do it completely on your own. With internet account management features, multiple resident payment options, and no long-term contracts, we can tailor a water submetering system to meet your exact needs. Our expertise garners the highest client satisfaction ratings in the industry.