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Multifamily high rise building
Multifamily high rise building

Spring Into Savings

ROI Opportunities for Your Community as the Seasons Change


When you think of springtime, traditional thoughts of warmer weather, flowers, and sunshine often come to mind. It’s a time of renewal, a time of opportunity. But you probably don’t think about your pipes much. Afterall, what do your pipes have to do with the changing seasons?

The truth is, there are a handful of reasons to consider your pipes in the spring, some with a very strong return on investment! Whether you struggled with your HVAC system over the winter or are considering capital improvement projects like in-unit laundry, spring is a great time to evaluate the potential for these kinds of projects at your community.

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Laundry Conversions

Spring is a time when people emerge from their apartments and start to get outdoors. They exercise more, sweat more as the weather heats up, and change clothes more often than they do in the winter when they tend to be bundled up. This annual increase in laundry often puts pressure on communal laundry facilities to keep up with demand. Do you have lines of residents waiting for your laundry machines on the weekends? You are not alone. The good news is that decommissioning these centralized laundry facilities and installing in-unit laundry for your residents is now easier than ever. With turnkey solutions for plumbing and electrical upgrades, and ventless and space saving equipment options, spring is a great time to consider this upgrade. For apartment owners, this added amenity enables you to increase rent, often yielding a strong return on investment. And for condo communities, in-unit laundry is a surefire way to increase property values.

HVAC Upgrades

Do you struggle with an outdated two-pipe fan-coil system that requires your entire community to be on either heat or air conditioning (AC) at the same time, and takes days to switch over during the shoulder season? This was a common and cost-effective construction technique from the late 1960’s all the way into the early 1990’s. Many communities now struggle with these outdated systems: whether its maintenance and leaks that cost time and money or resident complaints that the heat is running on a warm spring day because the community has not switched over to AC yet. The good news is that a variety of upgrade options exist, many of which come with water and energy savings, and four season control in each unit, which lets residents choose heat or AC on any given day. As with in-unit laundry conversions, adding this amenity increases property values and enables you to increase rent which, when paired with the water and energy savings, often presents a compelling return on your investment.

Pipe Replacement

If you already have an aged-out piping system, you likely are experiencing some of the tell-tale side effects. Frequent leaks, repairs and damage costs may be mounting, conversation among residents is dominated by frustration at repeated shutoffs and worry about whether their unit will be next. And your insurance company is increasing your deductibles and premiums at an alarming rate. The writing is on the wall. Your community needs a repipe. While the cost of such a project is not cheap, it can be financed over multiple years. A simple calculation will tell you when there is an ROI: as soon as the monthly cost of the repipe project is less than your monthly costs for repairs and damages, a repipe starts to save you money. Unfortunately, your pipes won’t improve on their own, so the longer you wait, the more it will cost in damages, repairs, and insurance.

Spring into Action

If you are curious about any of these community-wide upgrades, contact us for a free consultation on potential solutions for your community. And if you have doubts about the condition of your pipes, consider a SageWater Pipe TEST that provides a detailed forensic report on the condition of your piping system so you can make a more informed decision on when you need to act.