Apartment & Condo Repipe Communications by SageWater

Custom Communications

SageWater's Exclusive Multi-Family Repipe Communications Protocols

Custom Communications
The basis of our project’s success depends on two key lines of communications:
• Informing residents and onsite management about the One Call Repipe process and schedule
• Maintaining two-way communication with stakeholders

That’s why we have developed communication protocols that set expectations and minimize inconvenience for everyone. Honed over 25 years of experience repiping occupied multifamily and condominium buildings, our strategies include:

  • Resident Notices to inform occupants about the repipe project schedule and upcoming work in their units.
  • Work Impact Maps for every floor, illustrating precisely where the pipe replacement work will take place.
  • A Custom Project Website with details about the repipe process, up-to-date schedules, contact information, and copies of resident notices and work impact maps.
  • Full-time onsite Project Management to oversee the pipe replacement project, liaise with residents and building managers, and coordinate communications. Large projects may have several project managers.
  • Community Town Hall Meetings where project managers describe what residents can expect and address questions or concerns.
  • Signage that indicates where and when we are working, including door signs on individual units when workers are inside.