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SageWater is the Heartland’s Leading Pipe Replacement Contractor.

SageWater is the nation’s leading contractor for pipe replacement in occupied apartments and condominiums. Our expertise includes replacing copper supply piping systems, as well as Drain, Waste and Vent and Closed-Loop Hydronic HVAC piping systems.

Our proven track record means you can rest assured that your repiping project will be completed on time and within budget. We have extensive experience navigating local insurance and financing needs, and our turnkey solution ensures you get the best price possible. Our custom communications package means owners and residents know how they will be impacted at every step of the process. Read on to learn more about how SageWater is rendering the country’s pipe problems solved.

Local Issues

From Michigan to Texas and the Midwest to the Rocky Mountains, leaking supply piping is the main issue facing many properties.  While we see some instances of DWV and HVAC piping failures in the central U.S., this region is plagued with lingering polybutylene issues as well as older copper and galvinized supply piping failures.

The good news is that leading plastic piping products like PEX and CPVC can be used to replace these failing piping systems and they are great at resisting corrosion, so you can rest assured your new piping system will be good for decades to come.  SageWater is proud to offer exclusive, manufacturer backed warranties on several of these products, making a SageWater repipe the best choice for many properties.

Common Pipe Problems Across the Central U.S.

The SageWater One Call Repipe Process

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    Featured Projects

    • Richmond Green

      Houston / TX

      Deteriorating Galvanized-Steel Piping

      In this garden-style apartment community, deteriorating galvanized steel piping was a growing problem. Galvanized pipes rust from the inside out, slowly strangling...

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      Supply Piping , Apartment , TX
    • The Hamptons

      Lakewood / CO

      Polybutylene Pipe Replacement - At The Hamptons, the threat of catastrophic leaks and related damages loomed daily. SageWater replaced the defective polybutylene piping throughout...

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      Polybutylene - Interior Supply , Supply Piping , Apartment , CO
    • North Ridge Court

      Midland / TX

      Leaking Copper-Supply Piping

      With highly corroded copper pipes springing regular pinhole leaks, it was time for a repipe at North Ridge Court. SageWater was brought...

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      Copper and Galvi Piping , Supply Piping , Apartment , TX
    • Cherry Creek Club

      Denver / CO

      Copper to CPVC Conversion - Cherry Creek had active leaks in the potable copper piping system across more than 500 units in nine buildings...

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      Copper and Galvi Piping , Supply Piping , Apartment , CO