Pipe Replacement Solutions for Multifamily & Condos | SageWater

Replacement Solutions

SageWater offers a variety of repipe solutions to meet your all your pipe replacement needs:


Uponor® AquaPEX Piping SystemF1041000_1inAqPEXwh_Manf2

This quiet cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing comes with an exclusive 25-year manufacturer’s warranty when we install it. We use only lead-free and engineered polymer fittings.



Time-tested copper is the best choice for certain applications. We use only copper produced in North America and offer exceptional warranties.


Cast Iron
CI_pipe_headerCast iron piping is known for its quiet operation and durability. It is often made of recycled scrap iron, making it a very green product. We use only cast iron produced in North America.


PVC and ABS are the perfect choices for certain applications because of their value and corrosion resistance.