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In large condo and HOA communities, it’s not unusual to find that financial reserves for pipe replacement projects are not allocated far enough in advance, which means lenders must be engaged to secure financing for part, or all, of the project. To approve financing for this type of capital improvement, lenders need to know if the scope of work is a wise and proper investment. This is where SageWater comes in.

Drawing on decades of experience and a proven track record, we help lenders understand the risks and rewards of financing pipe replacement. We also help validate that the scope and costs are appropriate and that the lender is not taking on undue risk or exposure to potential change orders.

When a loan has been sought before a contractor is selected, lenders have frequently asked SageWater to enter into the bidding process to help determine whether the other bids are in line. Because many plumbers and general contractors do not perform repipes, SageWater can often provide a lower-cost, higher-quality alternative and a more reliable delivery schedule. Our track record of repeated success provides lenders with the peace of mind that their loans will be used properly and conservatively.