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Washington D.C. Repipe

There are many aging structures in historic Washington D.C. that are suffering from failing water supply systems. For that reason, SageWater has engaged in extensive Washington D.C. repipe projects. The multifamily properties below all trusted SageWater to deliver a complete pipe replacement solution with minimal disruption to the lives of their residents. We delivered.

Watson Place
This 133 unit condominium community built in 1960 was suffering from failing HVAC piping systems. SageWater was hired to replace riser isolation valves, condensate drain lines, as well as main supply and return risers. We also refinished affected drywall in resident units.

Logan Park Condominiums
Logan Park
SageWater provided a complete One Call Repipe solution to replace the hydronic supply and return loops, 14 risers and more than 200 in-unit FCUs at this 117 unit condominium community.

4000 Massachusetts Avenue Apartments
4000 mass ave
This 441 unit apartment building has the problem of multiple supply line failures caused by age-related corrosion of its closed-loop riser piping. SageWater was hired to performa turnkey pipe replacement that included drywall and paint repair. Working with building management, we developed a complete resident communications program to make sure all residents knew exactly when work would be performed.

Blake Building
The Blake Building
This 12 story building built in 1969 is one of the most prestigious business addresses in Washington D.C. To combat systemic corrosion in its hydronic piping system, SageWater was hired to provide a turnkey pipe replacement, including drywall and paint repairs. To minimize the impact on the lives of the building’s high profile residents, SageWater performed much of the work at nights and on the weekends.