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Replacing Galvanized Pipe

Specializing in the replacement of galvanized steel pipes in multifamily residences

Between 1900 and 1965, the installation of steel galvanized pipes for water supply was a prevailing choice. Its’ life expectancy is approximately 50 years. At the time, that seemed like a long time. But we have learned that there are many things that can affect the longevity of a galvanized piping system, such as location and cleanliness of the water supply in terms of chemical makeup. Replacing galvanized pipes has become a reality for many property owners.

Over time, metal pipe corrodes from contaminants and chemicals in the water, as well as the pH of the water and the water chemistry employed by the utility. This corrosion leads to pitting, pinhole leaks, and finally catastrophic failure.

If your multifamily residence is experiencing higher than normal water bills, it may signify leaks in areas that are not visible, such as under concrete slabs or underground. Once leaks start, they tend to accelerate. Worse still, leaking pipes decrease a property’s value. Replacing galvanized pipes could help you restore property value.

We specialize in a turnkey galvanized pipe replacement service that starts with a comprehensive site evaluation, estimating and budgeting, and scheduling. To make life easier for the residents, we also provide a resident communications package customized to meet the specific needs of the project.

SageWater are experienced professionals in galvanized pipe replacement. We have replaced miles of pipe from the East Coast to Hawaii. We offer a turn-key solution that includes complete restoration of resident units. We specialize in minimizing disruption to the lives of the residents. Our goal is to be under time and under budget.

Contact SageWater today to talk about replacing galvanized pipes in your residence. It is much better to make the call before you have a complete piping system failure.



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Dominion Heights

Domestic Supply , Apartments , CA , Garden-Style
Fresno / CA

The apartments at Dominion Heights experienced age-related leaks throughout their domestic water supply piping. The property owners initially contracted with an epoxy pipelining provider,...

Units : 196
Stories : 2
Built : 1996
Duration : 3.5 months
Problem : Aged galvanized-steel piping
Solution : Turnkey Pipe Replacement
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