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CPVC Repipe

Multifamily Residence CPVC Pipe Replacement

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) has been in use for water distribution systems since the 1960’s. CPVC is very similar to PVC. It is very workable, and displays excellent resistance to corrosion at high temperatures. It is also a popular choice in multifamily residences such as apartments and condominiums.

CPVC is inexpensive and easy to work with. However, there are certain times when CPVC may fail, such as with extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures. Failure may also occur if CPVC components are combined in the same system with PVC components. The longevity of a CPVC plumbing system is also heavily influenced by the placement of the pipe in the structure. Placement can be even more important in a multilevel structure where water is being pushed up many stories.

Multifamily pipe replacement can require a significant capital expense, so it is critical to plan ahead. This means understanding the scope and magnitude of the problem, budgeting accurately, and working with a company that can manage the project from start to finish.

When CPVC fails in your multifamily residence, contact SageWater. We are the CPVC repipe experts. We have years of experience and miles of pipe replaced. No job is too big. And we pride ourselves on minimizing the impact on the lives of the residents. We offer a turnkey solution that involves complete restoration of resident units to original condition, along with a custom communication system so all residents know what is happening.

We work with insurance companies, lenders, engineering firms, property managers, and building owners to handle the challenges of multifamily repipe. We work nationwide, with offices on both coasts.

Contact SageWater today to talk about addressing the need for a CPVC repipe in your multifamily property.

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