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Virginia Repipe

Virginia Multifamily Pipe Replacement Professionals - SageWater

Multifamily apartment and condominium homes in Virginia often suffer from pipe leaks as a result of failing polybutylene or old cast iron that has degraded. SageWater is the Virginia repipe experts. Here are a few recent successful pipe replacement projects performed by SageWater in the state of Virginia.

Alexandria, Virginia Pipe Replacement – The Edgemoore
The owner of the Edgemoore in Alexandria had previously hired SageWater to perform our One Call Repipe solution to 210 units in this apartment complex, and later hired SageWater to finish out the remaining 148 units. The project included polybutylene pipe replacement, as well as drywall and paint repairs.

Fairfax, VA Pipe Replacement – The Ellipse at Fairfax Corner
This 404 unit garden style apartment community hired SageWater to completely replace a faulty polybutylene piping system, including paint and drywall repair to the areas affected by the pipe replacement process.

Alexandria, Virginia Pipe Replacement & Water Meter Installation – Fern Glen
Fern Glen
This apartment building built in 1962 was experiencing continued severe failures in its hydronic piping system. SageWater was hired for a complete system replacement, including main lines, horizontal run outs to unit systems, and installation of new water meters.

Alexandria, Virginia Pipe Replacement – Park Place
Park Place
This 416 unit apartment complex built in 1965 had severe problems with age-related corrosion in its hydronic piping system, to the point of shutting down two building tiers. On the recommendation of its engineering firm, Park Place hired SageWater to perform a complete One Call Repipe pipe restoration.