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Pipe Restoration

A Cost Effective Alternative to Pipe Replacement

Pipe replacement can be an expensive process, especially when undertaken in a multifamily environment. In addition to the cost, the process can be inconvenient to residents. Sometimes it is the only option, but that is not always the case. For example, SageWater offers an alternative to pipe replacement in the form of a pipe restoration product called Sagewater Renew.

Renew is an additive to your water supply system that creates a film inside the pipes that prevents further pinhole leaks and corrosion. Renew is different from other options, such as epoxy lining. Epoxy lining is a physical coating added to the insides of the pipes. Renew is different because it works at the molecular level, along with the chemical makeup of the water supply itself.

Renew is a cost effective solution, requiring only a low installation cost and monthly service fee.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Renew is the non-invasive nature of its installation. It installs easily and results in zero downtime for your residences.

Is pipe restoration like this a complete alternative to pipe replacement? No, because some pipes need to be replaced regardless, and all pipes fail given enough time. But what Renew will do is extend the life of your pipes before a complete repipe is required.

Our pipe restoration option is completely safe, using the same food grade additives used by utilities. These silicates have been used by water companies for three quarters of a century to prevent water system corrosion.

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