SageWater understands that a repipe is not always the right solution for every customer. For many properties, in-place pipe restoration is a viable alternative to fixing leaking pipes at a fraction of the cost.

SageWater Renew provides a non-invasive solution to address pinhole leaks and pipe corrosion in copper and galvanized steel domestic pipes. Suitable for most multifamily residential and commercial buildings, SageWater Renew is safe and environmentally friendly.

Stops Pinhole Leaks and Extends System Life

We start by testing the water to determine its composition and the optimal mix and concentration of corrosion inhibitors needed for each individual building. We then design and install a system to feed our proprietary, tasteless, odorless, FDA/EPA/NSF approved additive into the building’s main water supply system. This additive forms a thin protective film on the inside of the pipes, preventing additional corrosion and stopping pinhole leaks from forming.

The film does not clog your pipes, repairs itself if damaged, and prevents further pinhole leaks and pipe corrosion as long as the additive is precisely maintained.  After the protective film is fully formed—Renew monitors, maintains and tests the treatment system on an ongoing basis to ensure the property is protected.

To be clear, Renew is not like Epoxy lining, which coats the inside of your pipes with an epoxy resin.  Renew treats your water at the water chemistry level, much like a water softening system, to provide protection from corrosion and help prevent pinhole leaks.  For more on the innovations behind renew, check out the “The Science of Renew” section.

The Benefits of SageWater Renew:

SageWater Renew provides a quick return on your investment. With a low up-front installation cost, and a monthly service fee, Renew delivers significant value compared to epoxy lining. By eliminating repair costs, Renew often pays for itself on a monthly basis, and delivers long-term value for years to come.
By employing a non-invasive process, SageWater Renew makes installation a breeze. For most installations, there is no down-time for the supply piping system and residents are never without water. In addition to being quick and easy to install, Renew extends the life of your piping system, reducing leaks and maintenance calls to plumbers, and deferring repiping costs for months or years.
Renew works by establishing a protective film on the inside wall of your pipes. It seals the pipes to prevent pinhole leaks and stops further corrosion. Renew also reduces the build-up of minerals and scale in your pipes. This helps control the leaching of lead and other toxic materials from your piping system into your water supply. It improves water discoloration and helps solve odor and taste issues.
Clients using Renew have experienced an 80-100% reduction in the number of monthly leaks. By treating the entire system, renew identifies and isolates the problem areas, reducing repair costs. Instead of replacing the entire piping system, Renew enables customers to identify the trouble spots enabling them to only replace those isolated sections of pipe that are in structural failure.
According to the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Public water utilities spend $36 billion per year protecting their pipes with corrosion inhibitors. The EPA often requires that utilities use corrosion inhibitors to prevent dangerous elements from flowing downstream to consumers. However, the required levels of protection for public utilities are often not enough to protect the end-users’ pipes. Renew employs the same solution within the building envelope, ensuring you gain utility grade protection for your pipes.
Silicates have been used by utilities for over 75 years to prevent corrosion. They have also been used by the food service industry to refine vegetable oils, process eggs and clarify beer and wine. The Renew solution uses the same FDA/EPA/NSF food grade additive used by utilities so you can rest assured your water is safe.

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