The Science

Renew containerInhibiting Corrosion—the Soluble Silicate Solution
The U.S. EPA requires many public water utilities to use corrosion inhibitors such as soluble sodium silicates and phosphates so that lead, copper, and iron won’t flow downstream to consumers. Utilities also add inhibitors to protect their pipes. However, those inhibitors do not protect end users’ pipes, and you can find trace amounts of these agents at your faucets.

The EPA recommends silicates for corrosion control, and the American Water Works Association and the Army Corps of Engineers both endorse them as direct additives to potable water. The FDA has ruled that sodium silicate is safe for human consumption.

The soluble silicates used in the SageWater Renew process are effective, economical, and environmentally friendly. Utilities have used them for over 70 years to prevent corrosion, and the food service industry has used them to refine vegetable oils, process eggs, and clarify beer and wine. SageWater Renew’s silicate has been certified to ANSI/NSF Standards 60/61.