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Failing polybutylene pipes are a growing problem in multifamily properties in Florida. SageWater is an experienced Florida repipe specialist that can solve this, and other piping problems. The properties listed below are just a few examples of owners who have trusted SageWater to provide a complete, turn key solution to failing or leaking pipe systems.

For Florida multifamily and condominium communities, there are two distinct property groups that are experiencing increasing problems with leaks: aging properties more than 30 years old, and properties suffering from problematic piping materials.

As identified by a variety of industry experts including FannieMae and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), these older properties possess an elevated and unique risk of piping failures across all systems. These systems and their expected useful lives according to Estimated Useful Life (EUL) reports by Fannie Mae & HUD, include:

Domestic Water Piping (Supply Pipes) – 30-50 years*
Hydronic Heating and Cooling Piping (HVAC Piping) – 30 years
Hydronic Fan Coil Units (HVAC System) – 30 years
Boilers and Chillers – 15-30 years
Drain Waste and Vent Piping (DWV – Sewer) – 50 years
* In certain markets, factors such as water quality play a significant role in reducing the overall useful life of all piping systems. We have seen some copper piping systems leak after just 10 years of service as a result of highly corrosive and extremely hard or soft water.

Florida Condominium Repipe of Plumbing

Lugano Condominium | Naples, FL

Lugano at Pelican Bay is a community of low-rise condominium buildings. Residents were experiencing systemic leaks caused by a defective polybutylene piping system. All of the defective polybutylene piping was replaced with a modern PEX domestic water piping system.

Florida Hotel Repipe of Polybutylene Plumbing in Fort Lauderdale

Embassy Suites | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Embassy Suites is a 364 unit hotel built in 1986. The property was faced with leaking polybutylene pipes; SageWater’s One Call solution provided a complete turnkey repipe for the property. The work included drywall and paint restoration, and caused minimal disruption to the residents.

Florida repipe of failing polybutylene supply piping

Ashford Club At Betton | Tallahassee, FL

Having completed multiple repipe projects for Ashford Club’s property management parent company, RAM Partners, SageWater was hired to replace the failing polybutylene supply piping system in the 102-unit garden-style property in Tallahassee, FL.

Florida Apartment Building Repipe of Plumbing

Hidden Palms Apartments | Tampa, FL

This 234 unit apartment complex in Florida that was experiencing failing polybutylene pipes hired SageWater for its One Call Repipe solution. Our crews replaced the polybutylene pipes in each unit with CPVC piping, as well as the building’s main lines, and water heaters.

Florida Apartment Repipe

Turtle Cove Apartments | West Palm Beach, FL

This 412 unit garden style community hired SageWater to perform a complete polybutylene pipe replacement that included drywall and paint repair in each unit. The project was completed in a little more than five months with minimal disruption.

Copper Piping Florida Repipe

L’Estancia Apartments | Sarasota, FL

This apartment community was suffering from pinhole leaks in the copper piping for their potable water supply system. We replaced the entire copper potable water system with CPVC piping, which included intra-building mains.


From the first town hall meeting to the last drop of paint, SageWater’s on-site project managers work with residents and staff to ensure that expectations are set and met.

Project Communication


Our paper notices and color-coded floorplans let each resident know where we will be working in their home and when we will be done with each step of the renovation project.

Plumbing Floorplan Walkthroughs


For larger projects, we provide a dedicated website to serve as an information hub, giving residents 24/7 access to information about upcoming renovations.

Dedicated Project Website


Throughout the pipe replacement process, residents can communicate directly with SageWater’s on-site project management, limiting extra phone calls to your building staff.

Onsite Project Manager

The second property group includes multifamily communities originally constructed with defective, faulty, and known problematic piping materials. Common defective and known problematic piping materials in Florida include:

Polybutylene Pipe & Fittings (quest or qest piping)
This defective water supply piping, which was manufactured between 1979 and 1995, is installed in as many as 10 million properties nationwide. It has a track record of failure nationwide and in Florida, and has been the subject of numerous large class action lawsuits.

ABS Drain Pipes
ABS drain waste and venting pipes made by certain manufacturers from 1984 to 1990 have been known to fail prematurely by way of cracking circumferentially at glued joints, resulting in premature leaks and subsequent damage.

Galvanized Pipe & Fittings
This problematic water supply piping is known for expedited corrosion and failure. Galvanized piping is still marketed and sold in the US, but because of its known complications, most multifamily developers shy away from using the material. Multifamily investors and condo buyers are also cautious about purchasing property containing galvanized piping.

With over 35 million feet of aged and defective pipe replaced throughout the nation and in Florida, there simply is no other pipe replacement contractor better suited to solve your pipe replacement needs. With our process, residents never have to move out during a renovation, water is guaranteed to be restored at the end of each workday, and all interior surfaces (drywall, tile, paint, etc.) are expertly restored back to the original condition immediately after the new pipes are installed.

Leaks have a sneaky way of starting off with a small drip before building slowly into a catastrophic failure. Don’t get caught off guard with expensive flood remediation, insurance claims, damages, and disgruntled residents. Being proactive is the only way to avoid a costly catastrophe.

SageWater is an expert in Florida repipe services. Don’t delay solving a problem that is only going to get worse (and more expensive). To learn how we can help solve your multifamily pipe problems, contact us today at 888-584-9990.

Pipe up, and call SageWater today.

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