Resident Managers - SageWater is here to help with your project.

Resident Managers

We understand the role and responsibilities of resident managers.  Often the resident manager works with the AOAO on issues affecting residents, serving as a bridge between residents and the AOAO and striving to meet tenant needs.

Tenant satisfaction is a critical component of having a positive building reputation.  Pipe problems and leaks can strain relationships with residents.  We have extensive experience working and partnering with resident managers.  During a repipe project we take care of communications with tenants, including coordination with remediation contractors if needed-piping installation, insulation, repairs to drywall and all painting.  Our on-site project manager coordinates with you, your residents and our in-house team of craftsmen, so there are no costly delays associated with separate subcontractors and no surprises.

Our well-established two-way communication protocols set expectations and minimize inconveniences with all stakeholders.