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Top Benefits of Forensic Piping Tests

Get a Look Inside Your Pipes: Top Benefits of Forensic Piping Tests

Managing a multifamily property often involves navigating a myriad of maintenance issues, but few are as pervasive and hidden as the problems posed by aging piping systems. Frequent leaks can cause a lot of problems for communities, ranging from disruptive water shutoffs and escalating operating costs to emergency service...

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Three Helpful Tools for Capital Improvement Planning

You don’t have to manage an apartment or condominium community for very long to know that all building components eventually need to be replaced—roofs, siding, windows, and even pipes. Maybe you’ve never considered that you may one day have to replace a whole piping system in your community. The fact...

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The Power of Hydronic System Upgrades

In many parts of the country, multifamily apartment and condominium communities have switched from winter heating to summer cooling and discovered that their hydronic HVAC systems are in jeopardy. Systems that have kept building climates steady and residents comfortable for 30+ years are breaking down or leaking under the...

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When A Design-Build Solution May Be Best for Your Community Renovation

When looking to complete a capital improvement project like a community-wide piping system replacement or upgrade, you have several contracting model options. We’ve previously written about why one model—hiring your service or maintenance provider for a large capital improvement project—is often not the best choice. Even among the qualified...

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In-Unit Laundry: A Quality-of-Life Amenity with Good ROI

With the economy in flux, occupancy rates still dropping from tenants being on the move, and rent control laws limiting their earnings, apartment owners are looking for ways to boost the bottom line. Of course, they prefer strategic investments that yield a tangible ROI—investments like installing in-unit laundry. At SageWater,...

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Stop chasing leaks. It’s a race you can’t win.

When apartment community owners and condo boards face repeated piping leaks, they may start “chasing leaks,” which means treating each incident as an isolated event instead of committing to a systemic solution. It’s so much easier to call a plumber or HVAC service technician for a quick repair than...

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