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The state of Washington now finds itself with many multifamily residential properties suffering from the effects of failing pipes. SageWater is highly experienced in multifamily repipe projects in condominumns and apartment buildings.

Since 1988, SageWater has replaced more than 35 million feet of pipe in multifamily structures including the northwest. We specialize in a process that minimizes disruption to the lives of your residents. Our skilled employees (all of whom work directly for SageWater, rather than as contractors) work in unison to get units completed as quickly as possible.

We are committed to taking great care of four key stakeholders: our employees, our clients, our communities, and our planet. Providing our employees with competitive benefits and opportunities for growth helps us keep the most qualified workforce in the industry. We provide our customers with the best warranties in the industry. We are also committed to environmental sustainability.

Multifamily apartment and condominium buildings in Washington are increasingly suffering from the effects of deteriorating pipes. SageWater is the top nationwide multifamily pipe replacement company, with experience in repipe projects for garden-style and high rise buildings. Below are some examples of our completed projects.

Kent Washington repipe, including concrete and drywall repair and painting

Country Glen | Kent, WA

This 174 unit garden style apartment community in Kent was having three to four leaks every week in its potable supply piping system due to failing polybutylene pipes. Property management hired SageWater to perform a complete turnkey repipe, including concrete and drywall repair and painting.

Seattle Washington Plumbing Repipe for Apartment and Condo buildings

Andorra | Seattle, WA

This 180 unit Seattle apartment complex built in 1969 was having problems with its potable drinking water supply system. SageWater was hired to perform a turnkey pipe replacement that also included drywall and paint repair on residents’ units. The property owner was so satisfied that SageWater was hired to provide our One Call Repipe solution for another 1,500 units.

Station Nine Apartments | Lynwood, WA

This 123 unit Lynwood apartment complex was experiencing severe leaks in its potable supply lines. SageWater was hired to replace both hot and cold supply piping systems with a CPVC piping system. The work was completed on schedule with minimal disruption.

Complete plumbing replacement in Tacoma Washington

The Fairways Apartments | Tacoma, WA

This Tacoma, Washington property owned by Fairfield Residential was suffering from failing polybutylene pipes. SageWater was hired to perform a turnkey pipe replacement that included drywall and paint repair. The polybutylene pipes were replaced with CPVC.

Washington repipe for a property in Federal Way with faulty piping

Park At Dash Point | Federal Way, WA

Built in 1995, this Federal Way, Washington property was experiencing problems with failing polybutylene piping, so SageWater was hired to provide a One Call Repipe solution, replacing the faulty piping with CPVC, and performing asbestos abatement. The work came in under budget, with little effect on tenants.

Everett, Washington repipe for polybutylene piping with CPVC

The Mark On 4th | Everett, WA

This 120 unit property located in Everett, Washington hired SageWater to replace faulty polybutylene piping with CPVC. The project, which was our second for Fairfield Residential, was completed on time and under budget.


From the first town hall meeting to the last drop of paint, SageWater’s on-site project managers work with residents and staff to ensure that expectations are set and met.

Project Communication


Our paper notices and color-coded floorplans let each resident know where we will be working in their home and when we will be done with each step of the renovation project.

Plumbing Floorplan Walkthroughs


For larger projects, we provide a dedicated website to serve as an information hub, giving residents 24/7 access to information about upcoming renovations.

Dedicated Project Website


Throughout the pipe replacement process, residents can communicate directly with SageWater’s on-site project management, limiting extra phone calls to your building staff.

Onsite Project Manager

With over 35 million feet of aged and defective pipe replaced throughout the nation and in Washington, there simply is no other pipe replacement contractor better suited to solve your pipe replacement needs. With our process, residents never have to move out during a renovation, water is guaranteed to be restored at the end of each workday, and all interior surfaces (drywall, tile, paint, etc.) are expertly restored back to their original condition immediately after the new pipes are installed.

Leaks have a sneaky way of starting off with a small drip before building slowly into a catastrophic failure. Don’t get caught off guard with expensive flood remediation, insurance claims, damages, and disgruntled residents. Being proactive is the only way to avoid a costly catastrophe.

SageWater is an expert in Washington repipe services. Don’t delay solving a problem that is only going to get worse (and more expensive). To learn how we can help solve your multifamily pipe problems, Pipe Up, and call SageWater today at 888.584.9990.

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