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Slab Leaks

Slab Leak Repair in Homes and Multifamily Residences

Slab Leaks in Apartments

Most people never think about water leaks, and what happens when they live in an apartment. Well pipes do leak and cause damage. The damage that can be done from slab leaks is detrimental and can mean that the building needs to be torn down, or simply repaired. The repairs from slab leaks can be detailed and costly.

Why Slab Leaks Occur

Slab leaks occur for a number of reasons and when they do they can be costly events. The cost of repairs and damage all depends on the extent and length of the leak. No one wants to have this happen, but it does and here are a couple of the reasons that slab leaks happen.


Pipes that are laid or installed under the ground are in constant contact with the soil. There is a constant flow of water on the inside of the pipe. In this situation electrolysis occurs causing corrosion on the inside and outside of the pipe. Hot water pipes are effected more so than others, due to the chemical reaction of the heat, water, metal and soil combined.

High Pressure

High pressure inside pipes has the potential to damage them. Earthquakes and poor construction are all causes of high pressure. High pressure in or on underground pipes may cause them to crease, bend, or even be crushed depending on the amount of pressure and the situation. When pipes crease, it can restrict flow of water and cause uneven wearing on the inside of the pipe creating a hole in the pipe causing a leak.


Expansion, contraction and vibration may happen to pipes as water moves through them. This causes the pipe to rub against the soil, slab or dirt around it. This friction can wear on the pipe over time and cause it to leak. This issue has been improved upon by using insulated piping and support braces for underground pipe work.

The Problems Caused by a Pipe Leak

When a slab leak goes unnoticed or is not dealt with in a timely manner, it can cause some serious problems and damage to the property. There are many problems that are caused by slab leaks that are not fixed quickly.

Damaged Flooring

The water seeps through the foundation of the home into the flooring. Over time, this can actually ruin the flooring. When this happens you will not only need to find and fix the leak but you will also be repairing or replacing the flooring that has been damaged.

Damaged Foundation

Slab leaks cause the foundation to become wet, which creates swelling. When the foundation swells it will crack or shift. Cracking and moving foundations can ruin a home. If caught in time they can be repaired.


Slab leaks can spread from the floor into the walls of your home. When the leak spreads into the dry wall it can cause mold. Because drywall tends to soak up water it will happen quickly and mold begins to grow quickly. Mold in the walls of your home can cause health issues if left untreated and unrepaired.

What to Do About a Slab Leak

If you notice that your flooring is wet, your walls are wet near the floor, or you have a funny odor in your home, chances are you have a slab leak. There really is no time to waste in calling in a water leak detection services professional to help you out with this matter.

If you have slab leaks in your multifamily residence, contact SageWater today to begin the process of solving this serious problem.