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Replace Galvanized Pipe with Pex

Pex piping makes an excellent replacement for aging galvanized pipes

PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene for the technically inclined, is a flexible plastic tubing that is becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for galvanized steel piping.

The problem with galvanized piping is that it tends to corrode over time from water chemistry. The reaction of the pipe to minerals in the water result in a buildup of calcium. Over time, this build up chokes the flow of water, resulting in loss of water pressure.

The pipes also tend to rust from the inside out. After enough time, galvanized pipes can become completely restricted from rust, and may even fail altogether. Hard water also tends to reduce the life of galvanized piping. If your multifamily property uses galvanized steel pipes, there is a good chance they have been there for a long time and need to be replaced.

These days, PEX is an excellent and popular choice as a replacement piping material. PEX has been in use in Europe since the 1970’s and the U.S. since about 1980. Its use has grown in popularity ever since.

Among the advantages offered by PEX:

  • Resistance to the buildup common in galvanized pipes
  • Resistance to freezing
  • Lower shipping cost and easier storage than rigid pipes
  • Lower cost than other piping materials
  • Quicker installation with fewer required fittings

So obviously, there are many good reasons to replace galvanized pipe with pex. But when dealing with a multifamily residence of office building, the job needs to be done correctly by qualified pipe replacement professionals.

SageWater is the top multifamily galvanized pipe replacement company. We have replaced over 35 million feet of pipe in multifamily residences and office buildings throughout the United States. Our turn-key solution includes complete restoration of resident units. Our goal is to be on time and on budget, with minimal disruption to resident lives.

Contact SageWater today to talk about replacing galvanized pipe with pex in your building.



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