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Pipe Repair Services

Multifamily properties, especially those with some age on them, tend to have issues with their piping systems, whether it’s their supply pipes or DWV piping. There are different types of pipe repair services, and what you need will depend on the severity of the problem and the complexity of the situation. Let’s talk about what your options are.

One option is to replace the plumbing in your building whenever you do renovations. For a practical standpoint, this is very convenient. Since pipe replacement often involves cutting into walls or even removing entire bathrooms or kitchens, it is a good time to do that when you are making those types of changes anyway. Obviously, this option will depend on how bad your situation is and how much time you have.

Using PEX plumbing can also make this process easier because it is very flexible. As opposed to traditional rigid pipes, PEX can be worked around objects in walls much easier, thus reducing labor time. PEX tubing is also more affordable than other types of piping material.

A low cost option that Sagewater offers that might be a solution depending on circumstances is our in-place pipe restoration product called SageWater Renew. This is not pipe replacement, but it is also not a pipe lining. Rather, it is a chemical pipe restoration solution that works with your water supply creating a protective film that can prevent pinhole leaks and slow down corrosion.

SageWater Renew is not a long-term alternative to pipe replacement, but it can buy you a good bit of time while you prepare plans for full pipe replacement.

Ultimately, all pipes fail. If you are a property owner or manager, the time is probably now to begin researching pipe repair services and preparing for this eventuality. Contact SageWater today to begin a discussion about your best options for dealing with this serious issue.

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