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PEX Repipe

Turnkey multifamily residence PEX repipe service

PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, was introduced as a piping material in the U.S. about 1980. It has advantages over other materials such as copper or CPVC in certain applications. It is cheaper, quicker to install, and unaffected by acidic water. PEX has steadily replaced copper piping since its introduction. A PEX repipe can be a cost effective solution for a building that is experiencing leaks in its supply lines.

But PEX systems can have issues. Most of these have been caused by shoddy installation and/or faulty fittings. The defective yellow brass fittings used with PEX piping systems were made of inferior brass that had a high percentage of zinc. As water flows through the pipes, zinc leaches out of the fittings. The process is called dezincification.

Then zinc oxide, a white residue, builds up on the inside of the pipes, restricting water flow. As the fittings corrode, they pull zinc into the water system. As a result, these PEX pipe problems can cause fixtures to clog. As the zinc is pulled out of the fittings, they become weak and can break. This usually results in the need for new PEX repipe

If your multifamily residential structure is suffering PEX plumbing leaks, do not delay the process of addressing the problem. A large PEX pipe replacement project can be very expensive. But a catastrophic pipe failure can make it even more expensive. A SageWater professional will evaluate your property to make sure we fully understand what you need, and the scope of the work.

We then provide you with a detailed pipe replacement proposal, with cost estimates and budget.

Our teams work as an integrated unit. We operate as quickly and efficiently as possible to reduce inconvenience to the residents. When the project is done, all leaking PEX piping and fixtures will be replaced, and all units will be restored back to their original state when the PEX repipe is finished.

Contact SageWater today to talk about a turkey PEX repipe for your multilevel residence.