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Lead Pipe Replacement

Lead Water Pipe Replacement for Multifamily Residences

It is very common for buildings built before 1970 to have lead water pipes. Lead pipes are no longer used because of possible health concerns, but lead pipes are still around. If your multifamily structure or office building still has this type of piping, a lead pipe replacement is in order.

And that can be a big job.

A lead pipe replacement can be a significant capital expense. It is critical to plan ahead. For apartment and condominium communities, this requires a good understanding the scope and magnitude of the situation so that you can budget accordingly going forward.

And you should hire a pipe replacement company with a strong track record performing the type of work you need. It is too important a decision not to work with the most experienced repiping professionals.

SageWater is highly experienced in the replacement of all types of piping in multifamily apartment complexes, condominiums and office buildings. We have worked with more than 85 thousand occupied multifamily residences. There is no one you can hire who can match our experience.

Our approach is to use multiple overlapping crews to get the work done as efficiently as possible with as little bother to the residents as possible. All of the work is performed by full-time SageWater employees, which allows us to offer a better rate and provide a better quality service. We do not use sub-contractors. We offer a turnkey solution that includes complete restoration of resident units to original condition. And you know the value of having happy residents.

Don’t let a lead pipe replacement keep you up at night. Contact SageWater today to learn how we can help you deal with this nagging problem.

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