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Hawaii Repipe

Hawaii Pipe Replacement for Multifamily Residences

SageWater has an extensive portfolio of multifamily Hawaii repipe projects. Corroding pipes is a common problem with single-family and multifamily properties in Hawaii. The owners of the properties listed below trusted SageWater to provide complete, turnkey solutions to the problem of deteriorating, leaking pipes. We have a strong track record of successful pipe replacement projects throughout Hawaii.

1717 Ala Wai
1717 ala wai repipe
This 284 unit Honolulu apartment building built in 1970 was experiencing severe corrosion and leakage in its cast iron waste, vent and roof drain piping. SageWater replaced the piping system, which involved completely removing and resetting entire bathrooms. The project came in under budget and two months ahead of schedule.

2055 Nu’uanu
SageWater was hired to perform a turnkey pipe replacement on this 40 unit building that involved the removal and resetting of entire kitchens in half the units, and removal and resetting of bathroom fixtures in the other half.

The Consulate
The Consulate 2
This 66 unit apartment building built in 1965 had severely corroding drain, waste and vent piping and rain leaders. The project involved extensive underground pipe replacement. In each unit, we trenched over 20 feet of concrete, and performed concrete repair. Some of the units required kitchen resetting and floor repair.

Ko’olani Condominiums
This 370 unit high rise apartment building in Honolulu, Hawaii was experiencing premature dezincification of yellow brass fittings in its PEX system. SageWater performed a turnkey pipe replacement while the building remained occupied, with many glowing comments from residents.

Hokua at 1288 Ala Moana
This ultra-luxury condominium in Honolulu experienced catastrophic leaks caused by premature failure of yellow brass fittings. SageWater provided a complete One Call Repipe solution that covered everything from project design to complete restoration of tenants’ units.

Parkland Gardens
Parkland Gardens
This 96 unit apartment building built in 1976 hired SageWater to replace deteriorating DWV piping. The project involved removal and resetting of unit bathroom fixtures and toilets.

Kahala Towers
Kahala Towers Cropped
This 234 unit apartment complex hired SageWater to perform a turnkey pipe replacement, which included asbestos abatement, resetting of kitchen cabinetry, and drywall & paint repair. To management’s delight, the project was completed on time and on budget.

The Contessa
SageWater was hired by the owner’s of this 144 unit property to perform turnkey repipes on the most problematic drains. The project was completed on budget and ahead of schedule.

1280 Ala Moana
Hokua at 1288 Ala Moana
The owners of this 353 unit Hawaii apartment building hired SageWater for a highly complex building-wide repipe to replace its old cast-iron waste and vent system. In addition to pipe replacement, the project involved asbestos abatement, firesafing, and drywall/paint repair.