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Burst Water Main

A burst water pipe in a multi family residence like an apartment complex or condominium can be a real pain, both for the residents as well as property owners and management. Burst water main repair or replacement can be expensive. Especially if you are having to make a major repair to resident units. Most people typically think of pipes bursting in the winter time due to freezing. However, pipes can burst at any time for several different reasons, including the following:

Rust in the pipes. Metal pipes, such as cast iron and steel, tend to form a layer of rust within the pipe. Over time, this can tend to choke the water supply in the pipes, placing more and more pressure on the whole system. Depending on certain conditions, such as the amount of water pressure and the quality of the water, pipes that have accumulated too much rust can burst.

Mineral corrosion. A high level of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, though harmless to humans, causes corrosion in pipes that can eventually lead to failure. This is commonly referred to as having “hard water”.

Poorly fitting connections. Pipe installation that is not properly connected from pipe to pipe can also lead to a burst water main over time. It is advised that you only work with highly trained pipe installers with a track record of success.

Burst water pipes can cause severe damage to residential property. Regular pipe inspection is a very good idea. If you find that pipes are leaking or appear to be deteriorating, we recommend that you consult with a pipe replacement expert to discuss your options before the situation gets worse. The older your pipes are, especially if they are made of metal, the higher the risk of bursting.

SageWater specializes in turnkey pipe replacement projects for large structures like apartment buildings and condos. We do everything we can to insure client satisfaction, and a job done right and on time. Don’t take chances with your burst water main repair. Work with the company that has replaced over 35 million feet of pipe from coast to coast.

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