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Clogged Kitchen Drain Pipe
Sometimes, you just need to follow your nose.  When sewer odors creep up from your drains or out through your walls, chances are, you have a significant plumbing problem.  This was just the case at a Washington D.C. Area apartment complex.  Built in the early 1960’s, this 8-story complex was having routine leaks on the lower floors, and experiencing odors on the upper floors – telltale signs of a drain, waste and vent piping problem.

Vent lines were literally crumbling apart from six decades of corrosion in this Washington, D.C. apartment complex.

As waste systems are gravity fed, drain and sewer lines flow down to the ground floor before exiting the building.  Over time, buildups in these lines tend to occur at the bottom of the vertical stack, causing leaks and back-ups on the lower floors.  Simultaneously, these waste piping systems are vented through the roof, so sewer gases can exit at the top of the building.  Because these gases rise, if there are holes in the vent lines, odors are typically experienced on the upper floors.

Since the building had no previous plumbing renovations and was approaching 60 years of age, it was no surprise to find that the galvanized steel and cast-iron waste and vent pipes were beyond repair.  Vent lines were literally crumbling apart from six decades of corrosion, and the drain lines were almost completely clogged.  Fortunately, the property manager caught this problem just in time before a more catastrophic leak occurred.

Decades of buildup and corrosion warranted a new drain, waste, and vent piping system.

To remedy the situation, SageWater was brought in to install a new cast iron drain waste and vent piping system.  If your community is experiencing frequent plumbing odors or leaks, it’s important to get your pipes checked right away, as you never know what’s lurking behind your walls.

If you have concerns about your piping system’s odors, leaks, age or diminishing functionality, don’t wait.  Contact us today for a free consultation.