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Repipe Regret: Why Waiting Doesn’t Pay

When plumbing systems start to fail, boards at AOAOs are faced with some difficult decisions. As pipe replacement is not typically considered (or budgeted for appropriately) as part of a reserve study, Hawaii’s condominiums are often confronted with tough financial considerations when faced with the prospect of a repipe....

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The Key to DWV

Your Drain Waste and Vent (DWV) system is probably one of the most important components of your plumbing system, allowing the flow and removal of grey-water and sewage down drains and through waste pipes. Unfortunately, as buildings age the corrosion of cast iron DWV piping can become a severe...

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Avoid a Condo Conundrum

Introduction Piping systems are failing at an alarming rate across the country as our infrastructure ages. From domestic supply pipes (hot and cold drinking water), to drain, waste and vent piping, to heating and cooling piping, its all starting to go. Because these pipes are usually out of sight...

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Failed Piping Nightmares

As buildings age, building components need to be replaced—some more regularly than others. The best property managers know what these components are, and they plan for (and, more importantly, communicate regarding) their replacement well in advance so building owners can budget and be prepared.

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