Six Signs Your Property May Have Leaks and Mold - SageWater
Leaking pipes, no matter how big or small, can cause a multitude of problems, including the development of mildew and mold from water damage.

Repeated and undetected leaks are a primary cause of moisture build up behind walls, ceilings, and even flooring, leading to product deterioration and mold infestation.

With most pipes hidden behind walls or fixtures, it’s critical for property managers, maintenance staff and even residents to keep their eyes, ears and noses tuned into any signs of leaks and mold. To help identify if a problem may be brewing, here are six common signs that your property may have water damage and mold growth:


The walls or flooring smell musty or moldy.


TwoIconWhen you run your heating or air conditioning system it has a musty/moldy odor – indicating there could be a problem in your HVAC system due to condensation buildup.

ThreeIconThe floors are popping up or warping; the carpet is wet or has wet spots and you can see water along your baseboards.


FourIconPaint on interior walls or ceiling surfaces is wrinkled or bubbled.


Moisture build up can spur the development of mildew and mold – often a direct result of leaking pipes.

FiveIconYou can hear water dripping, spraying, or running behind your walls.


The walls feel damp, squishy or soft or have a noticeable discoloration.


For more information on mold and moisture, the Environmental Protection Agency has published an educational guide on mold and how to detect it, remediate it and its impact on health.

Properties that have repeated leaks are often faced with considerable resident dissatisfaction, lowered resident retention and increased costs, including insurance premiums, water extraction, mold abatement, plumbing repairs, maintenance overtime pay, damage repairs and sometimes even lawsuits and legal fees.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, contact SageWater for a free consultation of your repipe needs.