Prevent Maintenance Malaise | SageWater
We all know the typical role of a multi-family residential maintenance manager:

  • Handle calls for repairs from residents
  • Perform maintenance on everything from appliances and electrical to plumbing and HVAC systems
  • Perform repairs required to make apartments ready for occupancy between rentals (drywall/paint, carpentry, tile, flooring, etc.)
  • Manage service contractors hired to perform repairs that are too complicated/time consuming for the in-house maintenance team.

With hundreds of units and potentially thousands of residents, the maintenance manager’s plate is often full, especially at older properties that are starting to show their age and experience more maintenance issues as a result. When recurring problems, like plumbing leaks from failing pipes, start to occur regularly, they can often be the turning point for maintenance staff job satisfaction. We’ve seen firsthand how utilizing in-house maintenance staff to repair leaking pipes can turn into a game of chasing leaks and complete frustration with no permanent resolution.

For example, one property manager recently cycled through three maintenance staff in a matter of weeks due to burn out from trying to fix leaking pipes on the property as well as performing regular property repairs and upkeep. Maintenance teams are often already spread too thin and since fixing leaking pipes isn’t necessarily their area of expertise, these kinds of projects can often lead to overwhelming pressure and overall maintenance malaise.

In addition to burning out maintenance staff by chasing leaks, there are a number of direct and indirect costs associated with deferring permanent fixes to leaking pipes. Check out one of our previous insights on the financial fallout of deferred maintenance that addresses the overall impact on staff, residents, and property management.

No one wants to be chasing leaks, particularly your maintenance staff who already have enough to do to keep your property running smoothly. Your best bet: let them focus on fixing the day-to-day problems that arise and call the experts for your larger plumbing repairs. If your property is experiencing leaks or pipe problems, contact us for a free consultation, it’s simply smart.