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Lessons Learned from the Flint Water Crisis: Part II

In a previous post, we provided three high-level takeaways from the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Given the ongoing concern over water quality in municipalities all across the country, we wanted to provide an update on what you should know to protect the pipes at your property:

Municipal water is heavily treated, but with differing approaches to treatment

Water authorities are required to add many ingredients to the water supply to comply with the Clean Water Act and many other State and Federal regulations. As a result, different regions have distinctly hard water, soft water, low/high pH water and water with high dissolved solids based on their primary water source and treatment approach.

Water reacts with your pipes

The steady flow and temperature of water through your system erodes your pipes over time. Your pipes also have a slightly negative charge which can attract particles flowing through the water. These particles react in various ways with your plumbing – leaching pipe materials, creating fissures, pinhole leaks, oxidation, brown/red water and other forms of corrosion. The lead in the Flint, Michigan water was likely pulled from the pipe walls because of the water composition.

Pipes can be protected from the harmful effects of municipal water

As reported by CNN, “According to a class-action lawsuit, the state Department of Environmental Quality wasn’t treating the Flint River water with an anti-corrosive agent, in violation of federal law. Therefore, the water was eroding the iron water mains, turning water brown.”

For over 80 years many water authorities have used anti-corrosives to prevent the harmful effects of water through their pipes, but these additives can be expensive. Anti-corrosives could have likely prevented the Flint, Michigan tragedy from happening. Because of the expense, water authorities typically only protect their supply pipes, and leave the domestic pipes for end users unprotected.

Apartment and Condo owners can now protect their pipes pro-actively

SageWater Renew offers a utility-grade solution that protects domestic plumbing from the harmful effects of municipal water and can extend the life of the pipes by decades. The solution installs in under 60 minutes and is the only truly non-invasive approach to pipe preservation. Renew doesn’t require disruption of water service and no walls are opened to install the solution.

Don’t leave your water safety to chance; protect your pipes, and plan for the potentially harmful effects of treated water before expensive and costly issues arise. Contact us at renew@sagewater.com for a free consultation.