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High-Rise Repipe
Leaking pipes can wreak havoc on high-rise communities and the lives of their residents.  While a catastrophic flood is a worst-case scenario, water damage, personal property losses, mold and increased insurance premiums are just a few of the unfortunate consequences of leaking pipes.

As our nation’s building infrastructure ages, we are seeing a significant increase in failing piping systems across the country.  With an average life-span of 30-50 years for most piping systems, we predict a 40% increase in the number of high-rise properties requiring a full piping system replacement over the next ten years.  Further compounding the problem, poor local water quality in many jurisdictions is significantly shortening the estimated useful life of these systems, requiring some communities to repipe in as few as 10-12 years post original construction.

When replacing pipes in high-rise communities, there are a number of unique logistical challenges that must be overcome to minimize disruption to residents and maximize the efficiency of the job.  These include:

  • Planning for and scheduling elevator usage (and protection) while managing the limited space on an elevator to move materials and crews
  • Minimizing shut downs to vertical stacks (and the building as a whole) through isolation valve installation and/or replacement
  • Managing the vertical nature of pipe connections from floor to floor, sometimes requiring core drilling for vertical penetrations and installation of new firestopping
  • Strategically planning for how to access the pipe including removal and resetting of tile, kitchens, vanities, lights, mirrors, etc. and putting it all back to its original finished condition
  • Navigating complex wall designs including single- and multi-layer drywall, fire-rated drywall assemblies, fire rated shaft assemblies, plaster on wire mesh, concrete block, and more
  • Incorporating high-rise specific engineering requirements such as expansion loops, express risers, expansion joints, boiler and chiller integration, and more
  • Addressing structural and seismic bracing requirements unique to taller buildings
  • Handling any and all of the above when it requires asbestos remediation

These factors can make your pipe replacement project seem daunting. However, our decades of expertise and streamlined processes have allowed us to perfect pipe replacement in high-rise communities.  SageWater understands the level of care and communication required to ensure success and provide the best outcome for your community and residents.

If your pipes are leaking or you have concerns about your property, contact us for a free consultation to learn more about our processes and how we can help.