From Heart Surgery to Pipe Replacement | SageWater
If you needed heart surgery, would you go to your primary care physician or seek out a cardiologist?  Chances are, you would go with the specialist trained to best address your medical condition.  In the construction world, it’s the same way: plumbers plumb, electricians wire, masons install brick and stone, and repipers… well, they replace pipes.  

All too frequently however, we find general contractors (GC’s) bidding on repipe work for multi-family communities like apartments and condominiums.  Given the project management activities involved in successfully delivering an occupied repipe, these GC’s often present themselves as “qualified” to bid this work. 

In reality, however, they often employ subcontractors to carry out the trade-specific labor, such as plumbing, drywall and paint restoration.  Only dedicated repipe companies know the intricacies, details, and best practices required to ensure your repipe is a complete success, leaving residents satisfied with the entire process from start to finish. Our staff of in-house crews and project managers have the experience and first-hand knowledge of these details because of nearly 30 year’s worth of industry-leading work across the country, helping owners, property managers and engineers solve their most pressing pipe problems.

If you are considering a repipe, make sure you include a dedicated pipe replacement company on your bidders list – don’t rely solely on the sales pitch of general contractors.  And if you need heart surgery, by all means, please go see a cardiologist!