It’s 2021 budgeting season, are you planning for problem pipes? | SageWater

It’s 2021 budgeting season….are you planning for problem pipes?


With the pressures and stress around COVID-19, thinking about budgeting for 2021 capital improvement projects may feel daunting and challenging. Between figuring out how to adjust to the new normal with staff and safety protocols, to figuring out how you could even execute on a capital improvement project in these unprecedented times can be overwhelming to process. Despite all the challenges we are all experiencing, starting to plan for and prioritize your capital improvement projects doesn’t have to be difficult.

Whether you are a condominium community, a multi-family property manager or owner, you are likely just starting to think about what needs work next year at your community. Does the parking lot need resurfacing, how’s the roof holding up, are we finally ready to replace the windows after all these years? Landscaping, kitchen renovations, the pool, the lobby, parking garage, laundry? While the list may be long and negotiating priorities with your board or management team may be arduous, we want to put in a small word for one thing you may not be thinking about for next year… your pipes.

Access to clean, fresh water, functional drain and waste piping systems, and efficient HVAC systems have always been essential, but now they are even more so with COVID-19, as proper sanitation and healthy air movement are critical components of minimizing the impact of this terrible virus. Plumbing systems that were already nearing the end of their useful life have seen increased stress due to expanded use from extended quarantining, stay at home orders and more people working remotely, meaning they are home all day, using their plumbing and HVAC. The stress on these systems will not be easing anytime soon.

You simply can’t risk repeated or extended outages from plumbing failures when owners and residents need their plumbing to work properly. Failure is not an option, and nothing could be more catastrophic than a flood in your community. But if you plan ahead, you can avoid this leaky lane with proper planning and preparation.

So how are your pipes? Have you had any leaks this year? How many? Were they bad? Nothing is worse than thinking you can get by for another year or two only to have a catastrophic and expensive pipe failure that you were not planning for next year. Think you need to start budgeting for it, but you are unsure how much or what it might cost? Call us for a free virtual consultation and we can help you figure it out.