Age Doesn't Matter | SageWater
When it comes to plumbing problems, age doesn’t always matter: While buildings that suffer from leaks are typically associated with age-related or defective product issues, newly built apartments and condominiums can also be plagued with pipe problems including leaks, drain back-ups and poor water pressure.

If a newer community is experiencing unexpected leaks, it’s usually due to an improperly engineered piping system, poorly specified products (including defective materials) or products that were incorrectly installed.

Case in point: we often see piping systems that are not properly sized for the building’s needs, resulting in improper water pressure on the supply side, or slow drains and back-ups on the waste side.   Another common problem is when two different types of metal pipe (such as galvanized steel and copper) are joined together without the use of a dielectric union.  This causes the two metals to react with one another resulting in accelerated corrosion and premature pipe failures.

So how does one prevent these series of unfortunate events? According to Ted Ross, President of Ted Ross Consulting, which assists owners and management with assessment, planning, design, and implementation of mechanical systems, “Investing in an experienced, licensed, and trained engineering professional to properly scope your project and design your piping system before it is installed is the smartest way to avoid costly mistakes. Planning ahead and investing up front in the right piping system design can save you a lot of headache in the long run.”