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Repipe San Diego – Pipe Replacement – SageWater

San Diego Pipe Replacement for Multifamily Residences - SageWater

San Diego is one of the most beautiful, and also most expensive, cities in the world. But it gets a lot more expensive if you have to deal with leaking water pipes. Leaking pipes are an annoying, ongoing expense that only gets worse over time. If not dealt with in time, pipe leaks can cause catastrophe.

Corroding, aging pipes are an increasingly common problem with multifamily properties in San Diego. State regulations dealing with plastic pipes are driving a state-wide problem with leaking copper pipes. California regulations over the years regarding the use of plastic pipes have led to a state-wide problem of leaking copper pipes that need to be replaced.

Since our founding in 1988, SageWater has replaced piping systems in more than 85,000 occupied apartments, condos and office buildings. We employ a unique process whereby multiple crews work in unison to move from unit to unit as quickly as possible. We place great importance on getting the pipe replacement job done on budget and on time, and with as little interference to the residents’ lives as possible.

We’re here to repipe San Diego

Some of the problems we help solve include:

Failing polybutylene pipes – a plastic resin used in many pipes until about 1996 that has a history of failure.

Aging copper and galvanized piping – metal pipes corrode over time and eventually fail.

Corroding cast iron piping – corrosion of drain, waste and vent piping causes failure in older properties.

Deteriorating HVAC piping – Hydronic pipes can crumble from insulation deterioration.

Our San Diego repipe service is performed from our West Coast office. Call us today at 888.584.9990 to discuss taking care of the piping issues in your multifamily apartment or condominium today.
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