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Pipe Leak Detection

Pipe Leak Detection and Replacement for Apartments and Condos

Before a supply line or DWV pipe can be repaired or replaced, it has to be found. Pipe leak detection can be tricky, and something that might require the help of experienced repipe professionals. Pipe repair / replacement professionals know the tactics to identify exactly where a pipe system is leaking, and can advise you on the best course of action.

One way that leaks can be detected is acoustically. In other words, by literally listening to the pipes, and making an assessment from the particular sounds created. The sounds created are affected by many factors, including the pipe material, the water pressure in the pipe, and the qualities of soil, concrete or other material on top of the pipe. For example, steel or iron pipes will transmit sounds at a higher frequency than plastic pipes.

Pipe leaks behind walls can sometimes be identified by moisture on the wall. If there is give in the wall when you press on it, that indicates deteriorating drywall. And mold on the wall is certainly an indication of problems. Cutting a small section of drywall between studs can help identify symptoms of leakage behind a wall.

Pipe leak detection in multifamily residences is tricky. With millions of pipe replaced throughout the United States, SageWater has the expertise to analyze your piping system, locate leaks, and help you chart out a course of action to remedy the problem. Don’t take chances with an inexperienced pipe replacement company.

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