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Illinois Repipe

Multifamily Pipe Replacement Services for Illinois

Some people say Illinois is a microcosm of the whole country. The state is abundant in natural resources, has one really big city, a number of smaller industrial cities, and a strong agricultural base. And it is big in population. The fifth highest population in the country! So there are a large number of people in Illinois who live in multifamily residences.

And the fact is that the piping systems in many of those buildings and communities are failing. And they will continue to fail at increasing rates. Aging copper pipe, failing polybutylene, and deteriorating HVAC piping are some of the major causes of this pipe failure epidemic in Illinois.

SageWater is the top national multifamily repipe company.  We have the experience, manpower and expertise to handle any multifamily residential pipe failure problem.

Problems we handle include:

  • Polybutylene pipes. The longer polybutylene, a plastic resin developed in the late 1970’s, is in use, the greater the risk of serious complications, such as cracking from water additives.
  • Aging copper and galvanized piping systems. These older systems can cause leak damage, low water pressure, discolored and off-tasting water in potable water supply systems.
  • Deteriorating HVAC piping. As a closed-loop systems age, the pipe insulation deteriorates, resulting in condensation that in turn causes these systems to corrode from the pipe’s exterior.
  • Cast iron drain, waste and vent (DWV) pipe corrosion. Major blockages and even complete structural failure are not uncommon with DWV pipes depending on the external environmental conditions and the corrosiveness of the effluent and gasses within the pipes.

Replacing the piping systems in a multifamily residence is a big job. Our OneCall Repipe process manages every piece of the project, from the initial evaluation to pipe replacement to unit restoration. There is no need to deal with separate contractors for different parts of the job. We make it our mission to finish our projects on time, on budget, and with minimal impact on the residents’ lives.

We can handle any multifamily Illinois repipe project, no matter the size. So call SageWater today to find out how we can help you deal with your Illinois repipe needs.

Illinois photo by Good Free Photos