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Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Multifamily cast iron repipe services

Since the early 19th Century, cast iron pipes have been produced and used in the United States. Originally used for water distribution, these pipes also became popular for waste water disposal (soil pipes, or sewage pipes). A cast iron soil pipe industry was developed around that use. Cast iron waste water piping provided a very reliable and durable pipe. It had a superior survival rate to other materials.

If it is installed under ideal conditions, quality cast iron piping has a life expectancy of approximately 75 to 100 years. Cast iron rusts, but it can actually form a kind of barrier layer over the rest of the pipe. This actually helps protect it from continued further rusting.

With their thick walls, most cast iron pipes, even with some rusting inside, can typically manage the lower pressures of waste water disposal quite well and may survive for an impressive amount of time. It is more costly to install and buy. Some residential plumbers do not have the experience it takes to properly install or maintain these systems.

Although heavy and sturdy, cast iron pipes aren’t designed to last forever. Eventually you will need a complete cast iron pipe replacement.

Corrosion of cast iron drain, waste and vent (DWV) piping can become a problem in older properties. In fact, age-related DWV piping issues can often be severe, depending on the external environmental conditions and the corrosiveness of the effluent and gasses within the pipes. As a result, major blockages and even complete structural failure are not uncommon.

Timely cast iron pipe replacement will prevent recurring problems, system failure, extensive damage and toxic water contamination.

SageWater is an experienced, nationwide expert in the replacement of cast iron piping systems in multifamily residences. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you deal with the problem of failing cast iron pipes.