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Boiler Replacement

Is Boiler Replacement the Best Option for Your Multifamily Residence?

A boiler is the central piece of a heating system. Basically, a continuous supply of a fuel source, such as natural gas, is used to feed a big fire. A switch on the boiler causes a valve to open, allowing gas to enter the combustion chamber. Some kind of ignition system then sets everything afire.

There is a long, continuous loop of pipe that starts at the boiler and then travels throughout the structure, heating hot water radiators, which in turn heat the units of the building. An electric pump in the boiler keeps water flowing through the network of pipes and radiators. The water flows through the entire system back to the boiler.

Boiler fed heating systems in multi family properties can be expensive, especially when pipe failures begin to happen, which is inevitable after a certain period of time. So the question then is boiler replacement the best option for your apartment complex or condominium, or is there a better way?

Sagewater can help you upgrade your property with a unitary system, and new piping, which includes individual water heaters and a sub meters for the residence of the structure. What this accomplishes is actually mapping heating expenses to specific units. Those who require more heat, and thus cost more, can pay their fair share. Long-term, this is a much efficient arrangement than just a boiler replacement.

Placing the cost of heating and water usage on the actual residences could result in a great savings for the property owner. This can actually also lead to improved resident satisfaction because each resident will only pay their pro rata share. Some residents will pay more, and some will pay less, but everyone will be treated fairly.

A new system like this will also eliminate the problem of water leakage in the system. Sagewater offers a turn key, hassle free service that includes submetering and complete restoration of resident units to original condition.

If you choose to keep central boilers but would like to make your residence accountable for their individual respective energy use, we can configure your heating piping system to accommodate submetering. A submetering system as described here will definitely pay for itself overtime, and is an excellent investment in your multi family property.

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