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Arizona Repipe

Multifamily apartment and condominium buildings in Arizona are increasingly suffering from the effects of deteriorating pipes. SageWater is the top nationwide multifamily pipe replacement company, with experience in Arizona repipe projects. Below are just a couple of examples of recent larger jobs done in Arizona.

Tucson, Arizona Pipe Replacement – Promotory Apartment Homes
This 464 unit garden style apartment community in Tucson was experiencing frequent, costly leaks in its polybutylene piping system. SageWater was hired to provide a complete polybutylene to CPVC pipe conversion. In addition to the replacement of all the pipes, the project included complete drywall and paint repair.

Tucson, Arizona Faulty Polybutylene Pipe Replacement – Hilands Apartment Homes
Defective polybutylene piping was causing multiple catastrophic leaks that were costing this 826 unit apartment complex in Tucson about $200 thousand per year. SageWater was hired to perform a complete replacement of the polybutylene with a new CPVC piping system. The work was done with no disruption to the lives of the tenants, as paint and drywall repair were performed, and there was no interruption in water service.

Photo by Moyan_Brenn [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons