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Condominium Boards

AOAO Condominium Boards

We have extensive experience working with AOAO’s condominium boards and appreciate the complexities and needs of solving the most complex pipe problems.  Because owners of condominium units are frequently the primary residents in the building, SageWater is aware of the need to manage condo projects in a timely, owner-centric, and minimally invasive manner.   That’s why we make two guarantees on every repipe project we undertake:

  • Residents will not need to move out or be relocated.
  • Water will be on at the end of each day, so all units can remain occupied.

We have perfected the art of performing pipe replacements with homeowners in place.  For an occupied repipe to be successful we provide excellent resident communication plans, clockwork precision in our scheduling and execution, and customer service skills that go above and beyond a typical plumber or general contractor.

We understand that large projects like a pipe replacement often do not show up on the reserves radar until they become urgent problems.  For condominiums, managing insurance claims and finding financing for pipe replacement projects can be challenging.  SageWater provides an extensive network of connections within the insurance industry and lending community to make funding and completing a repipe project as smooth and seamless as possible.

Likewise our expertise working with board-hired engineering and construction management firms helps ensure trouble-free delivery of your project.  We’re happy to provide pre-bid consultation support to ensure that the scope of work is designed to best meet the needs of your community in the most practical and cost-effective manner.