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Due Diligence Consultation

Pipe Fitting Extraction & Sampling Services

Our team of experts frequently provide consultative support to buildings experiencing pipe problems. Whether your building is having early signs of deterioration, catastrophic leaks, or problems caused by defective products, we will evaluate your pipe problems and recommend an appropriate course of action.

When a property begins to show signs of pipe problems and needs to decide if they need pipe replacement, SageWater is hired by the building engineer and construction manager to perform a pipe fitting extraction or pipe sampling. This process allows us to remove certain pieces of pipe and fittings that we replace and your building engineer sends them to a lab for testing.  The results of the findings help you understand the potential usable life of your system and pipe before it starts catastrophically failing, identifies any underlying causes (i.e., gas acidity levels, low flow problems) and if anything can be done to treat it so that if you do have to replace the pipes, they don’t fail again.

The due diligence is critical to identifying the full scope of work for your project and an important component to securing financing for your loan.